My mission is about equality and generating conversations about the power of the parent. They return to work with so many untapped skills and experiences, I’m driven by tackling what is often seen as a deficit and instead showing all the amazing things that can happen for businesses when they have working parents on their side.

When it comes to returning to work the juggle is real.  Full time, part time, going it alone, do we go nursery, childminder or doting family member?  How do you tackle the domestic load? You’re meant to feel some guilt when you’re leaving your child aren’t you, but what if I don’t?  Having gone through this process a couple of times I know the heady mix of emotions that can hit you on a regular basis all while you’re trying to figure out your new routine.

For businesses who want to keep hold of their amazing people it can feel like a daunting task to make sure you’ve got everything in place to support a smooth return, and planning for the future you want to attract new talent don’t you?

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