Parenthood….you can read all the books in the world and you might feel vaguely prepared for knowing what the first year or so of your child’s life MIGHT be like but *spoiler alert* it’s unlikely to pan out quite like that. It can be the most fulfilling experience you’ll ever put yourself through and some days you’ll get picture perfect moments that you can’t wait to upload into the pixels and share with the (your) world. Other days are tougher and a loneliness can set in that you might not have anticipated.  Both of these have been, and are, me.  When you bring work into the mix it can bring a variety of experiences – positive and challenging (I use the term ‘work’ loosely because let’s face it, looking after kids is definitely work!).

Who I help:

  • Parents about to go on maternity / shared parental / adoption leave
  • Parents about to return from maternity / shared parental / adoption leave
  • Parents who have already returned from any of the above and are further along into their return
  • You might be facing a cross roads, wanting to make a change or finding the juggle a little bit too real and you’re searching for some practical support.

If you’re a parent you can expect:

  • One to one sessions via Skype / video / phone call uniquely tailored to you and your needs
  • An analysis of your strengths and how you can maximise using them at home and at work
  • A toolkit of practical and easy to use tips as you approach your return to work – either to a current employer or pastures new
  • Support with conversations you need to have at work that you’re finding difficult
  • CV support and interview prep if required
  • A check in six weeks after we finish the coaching to see how you’re getting on

This can of course all be shaped to what you need to get out of the sessions.  We’ll have a half hour chat before we start doing anything formally and before you hand over any of your hard earned money – I want you to be confident you’ll get what you need.


A one off session – £100
Power of the Parent mini series (3 sessions) – £250
Power of the Parent (6 sessions) – £450

Please note these prices are different to employer funded sessions – when self funding a discount has already been applied to the above.

You can contact me: