Power of the Parent workshops are run locally in Leeds, and they’re an open invite. You’ll be sharing the session with other brilliant women who are either heading back to work or have already returned, but ultimately you’re all wanting to focus on your strengths and build a practical plan to do more of what you love and build your resilience.

We’ll be together for just over 2.5 hours, and during that time we will:

  • Find out what’s going on for you at the minute – where you’re up to with your return, a spotlight on your values, what your reality is and where you want to be
  • Get you reconnected with your strengths – the things that energise you and you love doing. We all want to do more of what we love, so we’ll spend time figuring out what that means and how you do it
  • Unpick your thoughts and feelings around boundaries – how they can help and work on the mindset that they’re supportive not restrictive
  • Build a practical plan of ‘what next’ – you’ll be raring to go on making plans for your return, or changes you might need to face into as well as keeping hold of those all important superpowers…your strengths!

Whilst we’ll have this agenda, the session will always flex around people’s needs to please bring an open mind and whatever you’re needing help with.

The financial investment you’ll need to make is £42.51 (I know, odd amount – the £2.51 is added from my ticket provider!). If you’re asking your employer to pay for the session then you can contact me directly and I can invoice them.

Find out when our next date is here or email hello@power-of-the-parent.com to sign up for future dates.

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