My 12 year corporate career has been in HR, largely Talent Management and Learning and Development.  I love helping others be at their best (which is where the strengths coaching comes in) and I pride myself on having a creative but practical approach to support my clients unlock new ways of thinking.

You can now find me running my business, commentating on life with my two girls and husband, nurturing my need for a good notebook and pretending I’ll get through my reading list at some point this year.  In another life I’d be a professional baker (I’d like to think high end wedding cakes but more likely school fair buns), or a TV presenter using Claudia Winkleman as my inspiration.

I work 1:1 with mums returning to work after maternity leave, adoption leave, or career breaks – sometimes that return is imminent and for others they begin working with me much further down the line. My clients are normally wanting help with things like confidence, resilience, challenging conversations they’re likely to be having and just generally getting to know themselves again.

My work revolves around your strengths – but in this instance it’s not your skills, it’s what energises you. It’s backed up by over two decades of incredible research about the connection between doing more of what you love, your wellbeing and your performance. I also work with businesses who are investing in returners, still through coaching but things like returner programmes, group workshops and line manager support are more common.

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