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I work with businesses to help attract, retain and develop their utterly brilliant team members who happen to be parents. I don’t finish books if they haven’t got me hooked in the first two chapters. I’m partial to time outdoors. And my values around family, authenticity and creativity lead the way in everything I do.

How it started…

‘You’ll struggle to develop now you’re a mum,’ were the words ringing in my ears when I returned to work after becoming a parent.

Have you ever felt torn between wanting to sit down and cry or prove somebody wrong? Perhaps you’ve found yourself setting really high expectations for yourself that you just can’t shake off. Maybe you’ve questioned your worth and what it is that you’re actually good at. All of those have been me.

My lightbulb moment came much later when looking around at friends, family and colleagues and I saw the parents struggling with their identity.

The mum who could no longer see her value in the workplace.

The dad who was hiding how much he really wanted to be at home with the kids.

The line manager, not knowing what to say to their returning talent, said nothing at all.

How it’s going…

Power of the Parent was founded in 2018 to make workplaces somewhere a parent can thrive.

Where parents can love what they do love without their identity and worth being measured by how many hours they’ve worked or how many kids they have.

Supporting parents in the workplace can feel like a huge task but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Combining fresh ideas with what’s already working well for you, that’s the sweet spot.

● If you’ve tried to implement a parents network but you’re at a loss as to how to maximise the impact, I get it.

● Maybe you’re sitting with your head in your hands as an HR practitioner thinking, ‘This is an issue the whole business should be working on.’

● Are your recruitment costs and retention numbers making you feel uncomfortable?

● Are those engagement stats spiralling and you’re scratching your head for ideas on how to create a culture that allows your teams to bring their whole selves to work? We can work together to change all of that.

What you really need to know is that I put my client’s needs at the centre of everything we do. And while I work with 5-10 businesses at a time, you’ll feel like the only one.

If you don’t know which direction to take your parental support, don’t worry, I’ve got the map.

Since becoming a mum, I’ve known what it’s like to wear many hats. I’ve also been on both sides of the table, working for large complex organisations like Asda before making the leap into self employment and becoming an advocate for flexible working.

My clients have been diverse in their needs and set ups – from Asda to KFC, Zurich to William Hill. They’ve all had tailored activity, but the common thread is always that they want to build on how they can authentically support parents in the workplace.

If you want a proper nosy around my credentials it’s all on my Linkedin profile.

I can help you if…

● You’re an employer who wants to challenge sometimes archaic ways of working.

● You’re already asking questions like ‘What’s the change we need to make?’ or ‘How can we practically support parents?’

● You know you want to do more and you’d like to get creative about how you provide support to both parents and line managers.

● Your gender pay gap is making you nauseous.

● You want to be part of boosting the economy and widening your talent pool.

● You’ve got attraction, retention or engagement challenges.

If you’re not up for some big questions and finding new ways of working, I’m probably not for you.
But if you need help to attract, retain and develop your team members, I can help. Book your free discovery call here.

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What our clients say:

Want to know what other people say about working with me? Look no further!

Char has a natural flair for coaching, after a relaxed chat you realise you’ve shared your problems, found your own solutions and committed to take action.

HR Business Partner, Asda

[In] 6 months we explored ways to build confidence and it helped me understand my strengths and my needs in the workplace.

Head of Fundraising, International Charity

I started working with Charlotte on the recommendation of my Line Manager […] She gave me the tools to help me put things back into perspective

Partner and Manager, John Lewis Distribution