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Power of the Parent 6: S2 Ep6: Shwezin Win – Win At Life Coaching

In the final episode of series two, Charlotte is talking to Shwezin Win – founder of Win At Life coaching. She is a mum, a step-mum, a marketing expert and now a coach who works with parents, young adults and teens to curate a life where they feel able to thrive.  Shwezin shared her story…
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Power of the Parent 5: S2 Ep5: Clare Willetts – Not Only Pink and Blue

This week I’m talking to Clare, founder of Not Only Pink and Blue where the mission is to challenge stereotypes from birth. Originally a marketplace, Clare has shifted HOW she’s sharing her work, which will now take the shape of a directory of amazing businesses who are committed and aligned to her purpose.  Clare generously…
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Power of the Parent 4: S2 Ep4: Helen Bryce – Poet, author and Guilty Mothers Club founder

In this week’s episode I’m talking with Helen Bryce – glorious human, my mate of 10 years, ultimate cheerleader, poet, author and founder of Guilty Mothers Club. Helen is also a parent of four kiddos and a total journalling pro – which we talked about loads and I got so many fresh perspectives on during…
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Power of the Parent 3: S2 Ep3: Roohi and Nida Mohiyuddin – Nupwr

Roohi and Nida are educators, navigators of negative self talk, strengths advocates and believers that confidence shouldn’t be a privilege. They are the founders of Nupwr, an organisation dedicated to inspire, uplift and empower women.  We talked about the dynamics of being a parent, an educator, a business owner and what it’s like to work…
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Power of the Parent 2: 2: Amrit Sandhar – The Engagement Coach

What a catch up! Amrit Sandhar is the founder and CEO of The Engagement Coach where the team is all about developing (and challenging) cultures, leaders and colleagues.  As well as being a parent, Amrit is one of the most empathetic and compassionate people I’ve ever met, he’s also a data lover and engagement specialist.…
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Power of the Parent 1: 1: Clare Clifford – Sunshine Digital

Trigger warning – child loss. In this week’s episode I chat with Clare – digital content expert, queen of engagement, growth specialist and founder of Sunshine Digital. We talked about the impact of being a parent in the workplace when you’re bringing in more revenue but working fewer hours than your peers, the experiences she…
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Power of the Parent 7: 7: **BONUS** Lucy Critchley, Virtual Assistant

Here’s a sneaky bonus episode from season one of the Power of the Parent podcast for you! This week I speak to Lucy Critchley VA. Lucy is my podcast producer and all round good egg. In this episode we talk about maternity allowance, starting a business with a 5 month old and of course, self…
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Power of the Parent 6: 6: Carina Tillson – Love Your Mealtimes

This week on the podcast I am joined by the brilliant Carina Tillson from Love Your Mealtimes. Carina works with busy people to take the pain out of meal planning and cooking and put the joy back into their mealtimes. We covered a lot of ground in our conversation from food planning, self care and…
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Power of the Parent 5: 5: Michelle Gyimah – Equality Pays

I am thrilled to bring you this podcast with Michelle Gyimah from Equality Pays. In this episode we discuss pay gaps, parenting and negotiations in the workplace. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Michelle and could have talked to her all day. Michelle’s work is so inspiring and she makes such a difference to individuals and…
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Power of the Parent 4: 4: Louise Deverell-Smith – Daisy Chain

This week on the podcast I am joined by the brilliant Louise Deverell-Smith. Louise is the founder of flexible recruitment company, Daisy Chain. Her business works to match employers with perspective employees into flexible working positions that benefit both the company and the team. To find out more about Daisy Chain and the work they…
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