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This is for you if you’re in the lead up to taking any form of parental leave. This isn’t about policies, but is designed to get you thinking and reflecting about what you want to get out of the weeks and months ahead. The focus is on you – what success means to you, what you might want communication to look like between you and your employer, your boundaries, expectations and the opportunity to consciously think about what you enjoy doing to enable continuity of conversations during your parental leave and as you return. 

The idea is that you leave feeling confident with a strong sense of who you are and what is important to you. It isn’t a ‘do it once and you’re sorted’ type thing – you can keep revisiting the content as much as you need to.


Articulating what success means to you in the run up to parental leave is mega important. It’s going to spit out goals and an awareness of where you want to focus your energy.


A strong parental leave is the foundation to a strong return. We’ll get you connected with your strengths so you can leave positively, knowing you have established your goals.


This is the cornerstone of many of our conversations at Power of the Parent. Identifying your boundaries and respecting them is a powerful way to be at your best.


You’ll get really detailed on what you would like communicating and from who – and then planning the boundaries and contracting you might need to do to make it happen!

Here’s what clients say about the workbook…

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

It’s really given me the opportunity to focus on what matters most to me and how I’m going to approach the months leading up to my adoption leave.


I liked that templates had been provided for each of the activities, some with examples, to help guide me through how to undertake the activity. There was a nice relaxed, yet professional tone, throughout, which made the workbook comfortable to read


I think it’s a really helpful tool for focusing on what’s important and highlights areas which I wouldn’t have previously thought to discuss with my manager at this point e.g. announcing the birth / keeping in touch on different topics in different ways.


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