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Princess life

Princess life

February 26, 2018

Glass slippers, being doomed to an eternal sleep until you get a smooch from Prince Charming, always looking immaculate, having the unique skill of being able to communicate to woodland creatures through song…the Princess life has got an interesting daily routine.  You can swap the word interesting with whatever you fancy – ridiculous, out of touch with reality, romantic, unachievable, story book fairytale. The view of these delicate Princesses is one that gets lots of females in the real world who are likened to them branded as a bit helpless, spoiled and in need of wrapping in cotton wool.

There’s an increasing amount of chat around not encouraging or calling girls a princess thanks to these archaic views on what that role entails and while I think some of it is fair there’s a new generation of princess growing up right now and you’re going to hear them roar – not call out for their Prince at the first sign of trouble.

This new look royalty will own their status. If they want to permanently rock a dress and tiara – they will, but if joggers and a bobble hat take their fancy they’ll throw it on too.  They won’t be afraid to ask for help but their tenacity and courage will be what they lead with.  They’re grateful and appreciative for what they have – they define what hard work looks like for themselves and they reap the rewards. Whatever life throws at them they’ll figure it out – they’ve got this.

Raising girls who are surrounded by fairytale stories, I can see where lots of stereotypes kick in.  The stories of old very definitely set out an image of young women that they need rescuing and looking after – not in all cases I realise, but it is the majority.  There’s an innocence from most when they call girls princess – it’s usually a positive label for the under 12, but fast forward the years and it stops being quite so lovely and more of a negative slur on how they’re choosing to live.  There’s a lot going on in the media and from some of the entertainment companies to readdress the roles – Merida (Brave) and Moana of Disney fame…erm hello strong girls club but there’s still a long way to go.

If my girls want to be princesses – all power to them and the only thing I’ll be encouraging is that they own it.  Rock the dress, wear the jewels, be bold, be brave and don’t feel like you need to wait for true love’s kiss to wake you – that’s what alarm clocks are for.

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