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Strong Returns® Pre-Thinking

If you’re joining a Strong Returns® workshop in the not too distant future, this is the prep sheet you need. There’s huge benefit to being able to connect with others during the session, so to maximise our time together please give yourself some headspace to reflect on these questions ahead of your Strong Returns® experience.

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This isn’t about everything being all cartwheels and jazz hands, there’s a lot to be said for neutrality. It’s the stuff that’s important to you and will keep your well-being front and centre, as well as help you feel reconnected in the workplace (and not frazzled at home). For example, have a think about how you want to feel, how it will be working well at home, how you’ll manage childcare logistics, what the here and now is for your career (don’t project 3-5 years in the future, we want to keep things in the present!).
We’ll talk a lot about your strengths in the workshop, so ahead of time have a think about these questions.