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January 16, 2019

I’ve seen a few people talk about their ‘word of the year’ on Insta (other social media channels are available) and it’s a band wagon I can definitely get on board with. Having explained on the squares that I’m not into resolutions (goals is what I’m about and yes they are different) the idea of a word hooked me in, so I thought I’d share mine – and I’d love to know yours.

So here it is – ASK.

With much of my career history in corporate land, asking questions and being curious weren’t always options – time, not wanting to ask something obvious and appearing to be difficult with very real trappings, sometimes reality sometimes perceived. When I went back to work after Polly I went through a period of being fairly withdrawn in the workplace and didn’t really want to be noticed, so asking was generally counterproductive to that and in hindsight I felt pretty miserable. All I needed was time and about 9-12 months in I was firmly back on the curiosity horse and found that asking questions was a sure fire way to move things forward (most of the time).

Since flying solo with Power of the Parent I’ve had to learn all over again what a gift asking questions, and in particular asking for help, can be. The expectations I began to put on myself about success sent me down a fairly unhealthy road in the first few months and I questioned on the daily if I was doing the right thing. Naturally I’m still in the steep bit of the learning curve with building a business and I expect that’ll continue for another couple of years but I’m beginning to get my head into how I make those pits as shallow as possible.

That’s where my word for the year comes in. If I don’t ASK I don’t get. If I ASK I can open up a world of possibilities, opportunities, new learning and gentle adventure as I continue to find my rhythm. Cash is tight so although I’ve got room to learn through mistakes, I don’t have the money to plough into doing everything but through asking I’ve learnt that not everybody will be as black and white when it comes to paying a bill. Skill swaps are big currency and everybody getting to use their strengths is a magical thing.

After nearly eight years working as a strengths practitioner I’d like to think I’ve picked up a decent amount of self awareness – I’m not saying it’s there all the time but the intention is yeah? I knew very early on that ‘sales’ wasn’t something that would set me on fire but I didn’t do much about it – I hoped I’d get referrals, I crossed my fingers that ex-colleagues would give me a helping hand in and I wished that social media would keep up a steady stream of coaching clients. Some of that has happened inconsistently, some of it hasn’t happened at all and parts have flitted in and out. I guess some of that is freelance life but I don’t accept that excuse I could give myself – there was plenty I could have done earlier which is frustrating BUT I’m on it now and after some self coaching and a reminder of my strengths (along with a nudge to those around me) I’m getting my mojo back with ‘growth’ (oooh I quite like that too, maybe that’ll be my mid-year word?!).

Anyway, there you have it. My word of the year and some of the why…I’d love to know yours and how it’s come about – drop a comment below or go old school and email me hello@power-of-the-parent.com (how is email old school?!)

Until next time…over and out.

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