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Self-care and all who sail in her

Self-care and all who sail in her

December 27, 2017

Is it even 2017 if you haven’t heard the term self-care?!

At first glance it feels like common sense, but as we know that isn’t always common practice and I do think there are plenty of things that can over complicate this particular basic life essential.

Self-care has been around a while – the fella whose name gets banded about in A-level (or equivalent) psychology across the globe, Maslow, had it figured out when he drew his hierarchy of needs back in 1943 (you’ll see all the essential info within about two seconds).  The first couple of levels of this pyramid describe a persons basic needs: physiological – food, water, warmth, rest – and their safety.  That first chunk all around being fed, watered and rested all sound pretty essential to me and ultimately where self-care starts.

Self-care shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s an essential.  It’s not all about spa days, holidays and indulgence (although if you’re offering…) but instead finding ways to keep it accessible and achievable.  If I look at my self-care efforts they really are shoddy – I’m terrible at drinking water, will often skip at least one meal a day and rarely take the opportunity for a nap or early night until it’s too late and the migraine that’s been threatening appears / my mood is a shocker / I become so lethargic a sloth would look like Usain Bolt up against me.

I think it’s time we looked at self-care like we would any other daily activity that we’d class as essential.  Time is a big hurdle for most people, I’ve been one of them, but I’m entering the New Year with a fresh perspective on that particular topic because I think it’ll unlock a heap of possibilities.  If I find the time for eating well (essential), exercise (strong not skinny let me hear you), carving time out for rest as well as play I really do think I’ll feel like a different person and those around me will feel, and see, a difference. Win win?

Life is complicated and busy, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be enjoyable.  If we cast our eye back to old Maslow his hierarchy goes on up a few more levels (you can’t get to the next one without having achieved everything before it) until you reach the top with self actualisation. When you’re there you’ve nailed it – imagine how good that’s going to feel?  I’m ready to make 2018 all about reaching and maintaining my full potential – nobody wants to reach their peak and then nose dive, so self-care is what I’m backing to make sure I stay where I’m happy.

Want to join me?  I’m going to be doing a daily self-care check in throughout January to get some good habits forming – look out for my Insta and Twitter from January 1st to play along.

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