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Time to type…

Time to type…

July 28, 2017

A few years ago I found an outlet for a very busy head – blogging.  I loved it, loved asking questions and used it as a way to get my thoughts on a load of things out into the universe.  Fast forward about four years – two kids, a house move and a heap of other adventures and I find myself ready to fall back in love with writing.

Since having my bambinos, and the road to having them, I’ve learnt so much about myself and observed a multitude of human behaviours that I thought were limited to soap story lines and the big screen.  I love following bloggers who happen to be parents on Insta, listening to podcasts (Mother Pukka you rule) and just generally being an observer via social media of the vast and varied approaches to life we all have.  I figure it’s time for me to add into the mix!

So, I’ve had a good think about what my first post should be.  I’ve settled on something that I strive for  every day – patience and kindness.  I’ll add immediately afterwards for the sake of full disclosure, I often fail!!

The recent weeks have seen very public birth announcements, parenting styles criticised, and feminism questioned.  Why?  I could hypothesise – they’re different to the authors, they’re detached from reality, all they do is whinge…the list is probably endless and we all have our own reasons for pulling others down.  I’m no Beyonce, I’m not as cool as Susie Verill or as funny and dry as Katie (of Hurrah for Gin fame) but I am human, and as a fellow human I really don’t see what value pulling down those that are different is ever going to give.

We all have different approaches to life and in particular parenting.  Not one of my friends with off-spring parents like I do, I’m sure they wouldn’t want to because I doubt it would work for them.  If you want to give the small fry fish fingers for tea or lay on a seven course tasting menu (or all that’s in between) you go for it.  If you want to surround yourself with flowers, chuck on an immense outfit and cover up your c-section scar (if I read one more article about how her tummy is photoshopped I’ll scream, you can’t even see it people!!) to show the world your babies have arrived – do it and own it.  Pick a name for your child that you want and YOU love, not what ‘society’ tells you is acceptable.

I’m not always kind, or understanding and there are many topics that at the mere mention will light my touch paper and you’ll see me come back down a week later.  However, I try every day to be the best version of me – sometimes that means I need to nap when my three month old does, be silly with my three year old, have half an hour talking to my partner in crime (my husband) about anything other than our kids and other days it means I need to go an do something, anything by myself!  I know the best version of me isn’t when I’m pulling others down – I’ll never lose my opinionated ways but I reckon I can have a view without being a b****!!

One thing is for sure – I’m forever winging it and I’m ok with that.

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